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Hello! My name is Yamen. I'm a Laser Fractal Space Wizard.
Complicated Reality is a collection of my art and writing.


Believing things is simple, finding truth is tricky.
Reality is in between, it gets complicated quickly.
I can't tell you how it is, only show you how I see it,
but every time I take a closer look I find a deeper secret.
I make crafts with fractal math,
mix chaos and equations.
Simple rules and special tools
make stunning presentations.
I wonder if the world outside my screen is just the same,
iterated patterns in some cosmic chaos game?
But even if we are, I've found a niche that works for me,
exploring all the nuance, and sharing what I see.
Sometimes it's with a render, sometimes it's with a poem,
sometimes it's with a story of explorers far from home.
Sometimes it's with a question,
or a smile or a wink,
that lets you know I know you know
there's more than what we think.
Feel free to take a look
at the things that I've created
while I explore the simple truth
that Reality is Complicated.


Dark Rainbows on Sunday!

5/28/23 9:00 am

Market for the Strange returns to the Reed Opera House this Sunday. The team and I have been working hard on putting together our biggest market yet, and we have 80 artists, creators, and vendors ready to make Salem strange. If you're cool enough to be reading this page, you're definitely the kind of person who would have a good time at this event, so make a plan to come see it.

Fritz Fleet, A Retrospective

5/1/23 12:00 pm

A couple summers ago, I got really excited about a storytelling project I called Fritz Fleet. It was a serial fiction project where I'd write a chapter at a time, telling the story about a fleet of interstellar travelers winding up far off course and discovering a universe stranger than they had expected. (Honestly, it took me months to realize I was mashing Voyager and Battlestar.) This retrospective is part letting go of the project, and part showing you all the amusing predicament I put myself in.

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Broadway Saturday Market

TJ's on Broadway

Jun 10 2023 12:00 PM


5:00 pm

June 24 2023 12:00 PM


5:00 pm

Broadway Block Party

TJ's on Broadway

Jun 16 2023 4:00 PM


7:00 pm

West Salem's Artisan Market

At the Corner

Jun 17 2023 11:00 AM


6:00 pm

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Complicated Reality

is a collection of art, writings, and other creative works
by Yamen O'Donnell.

My art uses generative tools, as labeled.

My writing is traditional, with no generators.

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