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My name is Yamen.
I'm a Laser Fractal
Space Wizard.
Complicated Reality
is a collection
of my art and writing.


Believing things is simple, finding truth is tricky.
Reality is in between, it gets complicated quickly.
I can't tell you how it is, only show you how I see it,
but every time I take a closer look I find a deeper secret.
I make crafts with fractal math,
mixing chaos and equations.
Simple rules and special tools
make stunning presentations.
I wonder if the world outside my screen is just the same,
iterated patterns in some cosmic chaos game?
But even if we are, I've found a niche that works for me,
exploring all the nuance, and sharing what I see.
Sometimes it's with a render, sometimes it's with a poem,
sometimes it's with a story of explorers far from home.
And sometimes it's with a question, or a smile or a wink,
that lets you know I know you know
there's more than what we think.
Feel free to take a look
at the things that I've created
while I explore the simple truth
that Reality is Complicated.


Complicated Reality

is a collection of art, writings, and other creative works
by Yamen O'Donnell.

My art uses generative tools, as labeled.

My writing is traditional, with no generators.

For questions or comments, please email me:


Commissions Open

I'm happy to work with you on your projects. From graphic design and art, to print design and production, and even content writing and website building, I have skills to compliment a wide variety of projects. My clients include musicians, DJs, artists, authors, product designers, business owners, event organizers, and of course, art collectors. For details and a bid, please send me an email describing your project:



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