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My poetry book Laser Fractal Space Magic is available for purchase on Lulu.

You can find some of my prints on ArtStation .

I also have clothing and other accessories at Art of Where.

Purchases from these sites will support my art.

I'm happy to take custom orders for a wider range of print products.
Any of the art on my site here can be printed on paper, metal, and tapestries
at almost any size you might want.
For a bid, please send your order inquiry to
Please include the titles of the art you'd like, what sizes / mediums, and your shipping address so I can give you an accurate estimate.

Of course, the best way to get art from me is in person, at one of my many events .
Currently my laser stones, jewelry and cards are only available at these events.

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Complicated Reality

is a collection of art, writings, and other creative works
by Yamen O'Donnell.

My art uses generative tools, as labeled.

My writing is traditional, with no generators.

For questions or comments, please email me:

Commissions Open

I'm happy to work with you on your projects. From graphic design and art, to print design and production, and even content writing and website building, I have skills to compliment a wide variety of projects. My clients include musicians, DJs, artists, authors, product designers, business owners, event organizers, and of course, art collectors. For details and a bid, please send me an email describing your project:


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I do not sell this data to any party.

Reuse License

You may make use of my art for

personal, non-commercial, non-print purposes.

For commercial or print licensing, please e-mail me: