Checking In

Check it out, I'm flipping words and twisting verbs again.
New arrays of letter play, call it verbal repurposin'.
Ordered to stay at home and hoping to put my mind to order,
I've got waves of inspiration spilling over every border.
What's a garden but dirt aligned, until the seeds are sown?
I'm abusing tools, but so far there is little to be shown.
One day I hope you'll get to visit with wonder in your eyes.
but I'd be wise to hold my tongue, and not spoil the surprise.
In fact, may I distract your attention from that tease,
I've got another secret begging to be let out, if you please.
Perhaps you've drawn from my deck while smoke wafted in the room?
Well, I've got a new SKU that I hope to show off soon.
Meant for a group of anybody hoping for a little fun.
A guessing game for playful brains, there's science to be done!
Wacky lab nerds, fancy machines, and mysterious experiments,
based on the data available, just what did we invent?
I know the local tabletops aren't all that populated,
so a game for virtual hands might be more appreciated.
While I work on simulating scores of shuffling cards,
I've had more projects on the deck, the list is kinda large.
My storefront has no front, and the back is mostly closed,
a global outbreak isn't a good time to sell you clothes.
But some of you are getting stimulated and want to share,
and quarantine is easier when your walls don't look so bare.
All of these are dreams, targets for my own ambitions,
but not a one won't go on pause to tailor to commissions.
So when a big one popped up, of course I took a look,
and I took a shot to be that not by which you judge a book.
I doodled for a medicine man on a journey of education,
and one day soon I'll show you the fruits of that collaboration.
This explanation to you is perhaps a little bit overdue,
but as you can see, I've still got quite a lot left to do.
Forgive the intermittent signal while I tinker underground,
but I promise once my stage is set, you're gonna love my sound.