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Why I Kick Rocks

I kicked a rock across a block
It shouted "Time to move!"
I had to stop, a talking rock
was something kind of new.

‍"Sorry there! I didn't know
that a rock could have a soul."
Without a mouth it couldn't grin
but a voice came from below.

‍"Honestly, if you're asking me
I've never met a rock who did
but I'm a talking rock it seems
and don't know what to make of it."

"That sounds lonely, kind of scary.
I could try to be your friend"
"I appreciate the offer, kid,
but consider how that ends.

"I began a trillion miles
and a billion years
away from here and everything
you know and you hold dear.

‍"Your planet has some gravity
so right now it is grabbing me
but someday some calamity
might send me between planets, see?

‍"Most of my existence
has been spent out in the black
Loneliness I slew, before I knew
there could be more than that."

‍I nodded. "That makes some sense
you're on that cosmic time,
Well, in the present tense
is there a way I can be kind?"

‍"I kinda miss the flying,"
said the rock, "this is no trick.
Before you go, could you, you know,
give me another kick?"

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