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Underground Market

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When: 3 - 7 PM Saturday, May 6, 2023
Where: 860 High St NE, Salem, OR 97301

Blast-Off Vintage hosts a monthly art market on the first Saturday of every month.
I consider this my "home" show, it was the first art show I ever did in Salem. I've tried to return as often as possible to see the friendly crew, hang with some of Salem's coolest alternative artists, and snag a few new treasures for my collection.

Note: During rainy weather, the event happens in the basement (stair access only). During warmer weather, it happens outside around the parking lot.

Complicated Reality

is a collection of art, writings, and other creative works
by Yamen O'Donnell.

My art uses generative tools, as labeled.

My writing is traditional, with no generators.

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Commissions Open

I'm happy to work with you on your projects. From graphic design and art, to print design and production, and even content writing and website building, I have skills to compliment a wide variety of projects. My clients include musicians, DJs, artists, authors, product designers, business owners, event organizers, and of course, art collectors. For details and a bid, please send me an email describing your project:



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