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Out Past the Air

Composite Fractal (Fractorium) + Neural Network (Style Transfer)

This is my most iconic and farthest reaching design. Created in 2019 to explore Style Transfer neural network compositions, this trippy astronaut quickly became a fan favorite. If you have an AR art viewer, like the Artivive app, point it at this image to see a special effect!

As one of my most popular prints, she has traveled to several continents, she's on the wall at a NASA office in Florida, and soon she will be sent to the literal moon as part of a lunar time capsule aboard the Peregrine 1 Lunar Lander as part of the Lunar Codex project. When I started as an artist, I had no idea my art would make it beyond the atmosphere, and its fitting that Out Past the Air will be the piece that does it.

Artistically, what I love about this piece is the contrast between the intense closeness of the framing, and the unknowable void that the astronaut is gazing at. The swirling colors certainly suggest she's witnessing something incredible, but that dark void leaves us guessing at what exactly she sees. Regardless, it does give me a sense of wanderlust.

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