I'm happy to discuss custom art commissions. I've worked with several awesome clients on projects like lighter wrappers, book covers, concept art, album art, festival FVX loops, and logos. I specialize in colorful, abstract art, but I've developed a flexible workflow that lets me tackle all sorts of projects.


Digital Art Designs - Custom fractal renders, neural-net artworks, engraving heightmaps, or other unique art, meant for personal use. $50 - $150


Logo / Cover Designs - Art for commercial projects, including brand logos, social media banners, book covers, or other promotional media. Includes commercial license for re-use and printing. $100 - $250


Custom Laser Engraving - Your art or mine, adapted, engraved, and cut, using a professional laser engraver. $50 - $200

If you're interested, send me an email describing your project, your budget, your timeline, and any other details. I'll respond within a day to let you know if I'm a good fit for the task, and give you a bid and details on deliverables.